Butterflies, Live
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Now through September 4, 2017
Butterflies explores the wonder of one of Earth’s most beautiful and unique creatures. Be immersed in a pavilion of live butterflies, discover their fascinating life cycle, and learn what we can do to protect their place in the natural environment. Download ECHO's Butterfly Species Guide Here.
Why ECHO is hosting live butterflies

As the world's habitats are increasingly threatened with human impacts, it is important that we all have the opportunity to celebrate the extraordinary diversity of the planet's wildlife. The delicate, colorful wings of butterflies and moths reveal evolution's power to create high functionality and beauty at the same time. We marvel at a butterfly as it skips along, flitting this way and that, looking for a mate and its next nectar meal. In these times of national strife, the beauty and majesty of the butterfly can help us recenter our soul and emerge refreshed.

Butterflies, originated from the Berskshire Museum, Pittsfield, MA.