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A most curious adventure

rabbitJanuary 18, 2014 - May 11, 2014


Alice's Wonderland is an interactive exhibit based on Lewis Carroll's classic, Alice's Adventure in Wonderland offering over 1,500 square feet of hands-on experiences to explore!

Encouraging curiosity and wonder, Alice's Wonderland takes children -- and adults alike -- on a journey that makes the unknown more familiar, maybe even logical, and most certainly fun. Throughout the exhibit, visitors are reminded of the story by quotes from the original book and "encounters" with some of the tale's famous characters.

AliceTake an exciting journey down the rabbit hole!

Enter Alice's Wonderland where Alice's dream-adventure begins: at the stream-side knoll where she nodded off to sleep in her sister's lap. Follow the White Rabbit into the Underground by crawling through the rabbit hole and "falling through the earth." Find yourself in the Hall of Doors, a room filled with optical illusions, scientific puzzles and surprises of many sizes!

Test and experiment while at a Mad Tea Party, investigate geography in Digging to China, and understand animation at a Caucus Race. Challenge Alice and the Queen to a game of Crazy Croquet where balls in motion are surprisingly predictable.

This exhibit introduces science and math concepts to young children and has plenty of interaction that encourages parents and care givers to play and learn together with their children. The exhibit naturally creates opportunities for conversation and mutual discovery as you learn about Alice's experiences in Wonderland.

Alice's Wonderland provides an innovative approach to helping children and adults build a shared foundation for science and math literacy. By taking perhaps the most memorable piece of literature in the English language and bringing the "heroine's" bizarre experiences to life through a series of interactive exhibits, Alice's Wonderland encourages children to delve into important educational concepts in uniquely accessible ways.

Come to ECHO today and discover this magical, bizarre and fascinating world of illusion and mystery.

Mad HatterAlice's Wonderland exhibit is created and circulated by the Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose. All Rights Reserved. Additional funding was provided by the National Science Foundation and Metropolitan Life Foundation. The target audience for Alice's Wonderland is young children ages 3 to 8, together with their parents and teachers. With an emphasis on girls and minorities, populations traditionally underrepresented in science and math, the exhibition provides rich, developmentally appropriate learning experiences in math, science, and literacy.

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Alice's Wonderland was the winner of the American Association of Excellence for exhibit design.
Admission to Alice's Wonderland is included in your admission to ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center.

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