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Discover the diverse world of frogs, featuring a seven-foot diameter frog globe, interactive 3-D frog call tracking station, Frog Friendly Tips, and the chance to "morph" yourself into a frog and send your froggy-face to family and friends.

Plus, FrogWorld showcases fifteen different frog species from six continents, including:

  • South America’s blue poison dart frog, whose toxic skin is legendary
  • Chubby Frog, when threatened it expands and secretes a sticky toxic substance
  • Africa’s yellow-and-black-striped painted reed frog
  • Asia’s Vietnamese mossy frog, with its seemingly bejeweled, bumpy skin
  • South America’s steamroller-flat, lightning-quick, Suriname toad
  • Central America’s red-eyed treefrog, with huge, cartoonish eyes
  • Australia’s calm and “smiling” White’s treefrog
  • Madagascar’s tomato frog, red as catsup

FrogWorld expands ECHO’s stewardship mission beyond the Lake Champlain Basin, demonstrating how our local environment connects to our shared planet — and frogs offer compelling proof. Often called an “early indicator species,” their populations quickly reflect environmental change. Due in part to their skin, which “breathes” in gasses and makes them particularly susceptible to toxins, it is also a reflection of their size and dependence on a very specific habitat. According to the Amphibian Conservation Summit in 2005, one-third of amphibian species are threatened with extinction and at least 122 species have been lost altogether.


Loss of habitat caused by pollution, deforestation and climate change is the major culprit here. As an early indicator species, frogs are warning us that this planet we depend on needs some conscientious attention. Even if it’s something as simple as not using chemical lawn fertilizers, or just riding your bike to work rather than driving, we all play a part in the big picture; we all have a chance to help these frogs, our environment, and maybe even ourselves in the process.





Produced with our television partner WPTZ NewsChannel 5.

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