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Dive into the Lake with us and discover the mysteries hidden below.

Champ, is that you?The Legend of Champ

Myth? Legend? Reality?

In 1609 Samuel de Champlain spotted a twenty foot serpent in what was to become Lake Champlain. The Abenaki and Iroquois cultures have their own legends about a Lake creature. So does Champ exist? You decide! See images from Champ sightings. Discover the stories of those who have seen Champ, and hear biologists' reflections on whether or not Champ lives in Lake Champlain.


The General Butler

In 1876 The General Butler set sail from Isle La Motte, destined for Burlington. As The General Butler approached Burlington's breakwater, an intense winter storm stirred up incredible waves that raised and smashed the Butler into Burlington's breakwater. Moments later, as the last of the vessel's crew jumped ship, down it went to the bottom of the lake. Explore a life-sized recreation of this shipwreck and learn about this and the estimated 300 other shipwrecks that make up Vermont's Underwater Historic Preserve in Lake Champlain.


Young Guest has a close encounter with a Lake Champlain Native.Lake Champlain Aquatic Habitat

The Lake Champlain Aquatic Display contains some of the biggest and most impressive fish found both at ECHO and in Lake Champlain. The exhibit is home to two impressive forty pound Lake Sturgeon, as well as two gigantic Channel Catfish that were prize catches in the 2003 Lake Champlain International Father's Day Fishing Derby. And every sport fisherman will be impressed with ECHO's massive, stealthy, ever-stalking, mammoth Muskee.

These incredible fish are hand fed Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Feedings are preceded by an opportunity for guests to meet with and talk to Animal Care Staff. Learn about the animals' diets, veterinary care, their history at ECHO, and how they're doing out in the Lake.


2015 Leahy Center for Lake Champlain - ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center - One College St. - Burlington VT 05401 - 802.864.1848 - 1.877.324.6386
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